History of Silver


Since the late 1800’s, Doctors had used Colloids of Silver to treat infections. These early, unstable and crudely made silver solutions were injected directly into the body, taken orally or applied topically. Remarkably, there were no significant side effects.

Although these Silver Colloids were considered quite effective for treating many of the diseases of that time, Doctors slowly shifted from preparing their own medicines and began buying and prescribing the newer, ready-made Sulfa Drugs and Penicillin preparations offered by drug companies. Colloidal silver somewhat disappeared from medicine for many years. In the 1970’s Colloids of Silver were rediscovered when researchers sought to find effective treatment for infections on burn victims. Many antibiotics were tested, but researchers were led to trying Colloidal Silver and found that it had wonderful benefits and no side effects.

By that time many different forms of Silver suspensions and mixtures were being referred to as Silver Colloids. Some had been made by grinding silver finely into water as they had been nearly a century earlier, but a safer Colloidal Silver had been created using an electrolysis process. This new technique produced a finer dispersion and lower concentration of Silver particles. Also, these colloids were much more effective and did not cause Argyria, the graying of the skin sometimes associated with heavy doses of the earlier, cruder chemically produced compounds of silver. Today’s Electro-Pure Colloidal Silver is gaining popularity because it is a natural elemental substance having splendid antibiotic properties without side effects and it doesn’t interfere with Homeopathic remedies. Electro-Pure TM Colloidal Silver is simply 99.99% pure silver electrically dispersed into distilled water. The particles of silver are so small that they remain suspended for years and stable under even adverse conditions.

How does it work ?

Silver reportedly kills bacteria, fungus and yeast by interfering with their metabolism necessary for respiration. More specifically the silver molecule, if small enough, attaches to the receptor site of an essential enzyme necessary to facilitate respiration through the cell membrane of the pathogenic cell thus blocking normal exchange of gasses. Some references also state that Silver Colloids stimulate the body’s immune system or may work in alliance with it. Analysis of the tissue of Thymus and the Tonsil glands has found they have a high level of silver. This may be one explanation for why doses of colloidal silver as low as six drops a day have produced excellent results.

Human Anecdotes:

DCB reported that he applied colloidal silver to warts (skin tags) under his eyes twice a day. He was amazed that the warts were gone in only two weeks without pain or irritation to his eyes.

A skeptical owner of a healthfood store was the first customer of the product the day after the first shipment was stocked. A few days before, he had been finishing the landscaping in front of the new store when he got dirt in a blister in the palm of his hand. This became infected, sore and red. He had tried some of the usual topical ointments with little relief. He decided to test the colloidal silver and put a few drops on the open blister and let the solution soak under the skin. The very next day he was delighted to see that the painful sore was without pain and clearly healed and skinning over.

SF and her husband had established a pattern of catching colds together at about the same time. She had already been experimenting with taking about 10 drops of colloidal silver per day as a supplement, whereas her husband had not. One day, she came down with mild cold symptoms. Her husband thought he’d be in for a cold also, but when SF’s cold went away, he relaxed, thinking that his would be mild, too. In a couple days, he came down with a major and troublesome cold. They presume it was the colloidal silver that made the difference in this case.

DB has reported several instances of his friends trying colloidal silver as a gargle or spray for strep throat with overnight results. It also works well as a nasal spray. He discovered that it also has an analgesic effect when he immediately felt relief from a painful paper cut.

During a phone conversation with BP, she reported she has had excellent results experimenting using colloidal silver with a 20-year case of candida. She systematically took about a teaspoonful each day as part of her morning routine, without paying undue attention to what was happening. After a couple months, she noticed that the chronic rash had disappeared. She also noticed a digestive discomfort had faded while taking the colloidal silver. She hadn’t been aware of this phenomenon until she’d run out of silver and the uneasiness began to come back.

Mrs. BW recounts the time she left her husband to watch their toddler while she left town on business. The little girl somehow got into the medicine cabinet and drank over half of a 4 ounce bottle of Electro-Pure TM CS before her father discovered her. He did not know what the product was so he called the Poison Control Center and was relieved when they reported that even at that dose it was not dangerous. The next day everyone in the family came down with the flu, except the little girl who drank the Electro-Pure TM Colloidal Silver!!!

The daughter an acquaintance was surprised (along with her father) when some cold sores on her lip cleared up overnight, following the use of colloidal silver. This was after a week of limited success with a commercial salve for cold sores.

RH in New York City has had superb results with colloidal silver. He has numerous stories of excellent alleviation of troubles associated with candida, and secondary problems linked to AIDS (e.g., lung infection, foot fungus, and Karposi Sarcoma).

JM used colloidal silver on a troublesome toothache. In this case, she sprayed it on the tooth, rather than rinsing her mouth as might be expected. Nevertheless, she says the discomfort and associated swelling receded in a very short time.

Dr. IS called from Los Angeles to report excellent results using colloidal silver with one of his patients. The client had been seriously troubled for 3 to 4 years with chronic intestinal pain, gas, and poor assimilation. Surgery was a likely possibility. He went on a routine of taking 2 drops of colloidal silver in a half glass of water, three times a day. Dr. IS reports the problem cleared up in about 1½ months.

BM called recently, delighted and excited to report the results of using Colloidal Silver on an abdominal incision from recent major surgery. She says that in spite of using standard antiseptics prescribed, she had been troubled for a week or two with an uncomfortable scarlet red (cranberry-colored) area about 2 inches by 3 inches at the lower portion of the incision. She began applying Colloidal Silver to the area at a rate of about 10 drops per application, carefully rubbing it in until it was absorbed. Although she is trained as an RN, she says she was startled to see the inflamed area had become "white" (normal skin color) and almost completely healed in two days.

Dr. K-S is a psychologist and an amateur opera singer on the side. She was slated for a performance on Saturday, October 21st. About Thursday morning, she awakened noticing definite signs of a very troublesome form of "The Crud" which was apparently making its rounds in the Charlottesville, VA area. This form of flu was characterized by headache, nausea, lung congestion, diarrhea, weeping eyes, runny nose, sore throat, and the like. She was certain she was coming down with the flu, as the symptoms were unmistakable. Dr. K-S knew from past experience that her usual most effective modes of treatment (e.g., Vitamin A & C, vitamin and mineral supplements, Golden Seal, Echinacea and homeopathy) would take four or five days for recovery, so her performance was definitely in jeopardy. She decided to take some of the colloidal silver given her for her dog’s Mange, thinking "What the Heck, I have nothing to lose". She took ½ tsp. or so Thursday evening about supper time. She says she was startled to be feeling a definite improvement in just four hours. By Friday morning she felt even better and took some more of the silver. She continued to improve, and on Saturday was in excellent shape, going on to give one of the best performances of her career. She reports that this substance was "better than anything" she has tried previously. She is elated to say the least, and since she is professionally trained, this carries even more weight.

RT, a Super Blue-Green Algae sponsor, has had trouble with his nose bleeding slightly when he blows his nose. He says the condition has been with him for several years. He chose to use colloidal silver as a nose spray. He was startled that the condition cleared up overnight. He is currently experimenting with spraying his nose three times a week with Colloidal Silver. The effects of the Colloidal Silver have lasted for a number of weeks. He thinks the problem is partly related to the mucous membranes drying out, so he surmised that it might become more troublesome as winter advances. He noted, however, that using a moisturizing liquid (saline) did not help appreciably, so the silver solution was clearly offering something else in addition to moisture. He theorized that bacteria may have been growing in the nasal tissues when they cracked slightly during dry weather, and the silver may have been helping as a germicide. He also had good results using the Colloidal Silver for his daughter’s recent ear infection.

WS’s secretary reported "splendid" results after she used colloidal silver for a while as a maintenance supplement to help overcome repeating colds. She used to catch several colds every winter. She’s been taking some of the Colloidal Silver (a few drops daily) and hasn’t had a sign of a cold for 8 weeks thus far.

KC who lives on a farm in Rockbridge County , VA became aware of several red ringed infections on her arm. She felt sure it was the fungus infection called Ringworm. She had some Colloidal Silver left over from successfully treating a lamb’s infected foot, and applied it to the Ringworm infection twice a day. After only three days the infection was gone.

John G of Minneapolis had suffered with chronic sinus infection for over 30 years and after trying many different prescription antibiotics and having undergone several surgeries to alleviate his impacted sinuses he discovered the Electro-Pure web site on the internet. He placed his order and within two days had his Atomizer in his mailbox. He called our lab only a week after receiving his shipment and was ecstatic that he could breath through his nose for the first time in many years. After several weeks of aggressive treatment he was completely free of the infection.

MRB of Lexington, cured his lifelong fungus nail infection on his toes and fingers by applying only a few drops a day to the infected nails, much to the amazement of his unsuccessful doctors.

Animal Anecdotes

Some think that Colloidal Silver works because we believe it will, so look over these animal anecdotes and see that animals don’t know of the "placebo effect", as it works wonders on them, too.

PW had a rabbit which had picked up a serious ear and mouth infection. The vet suggested the animal would probably be dead in another day or so. In a resigned, I-have-nothing-to-lose predisposition, she squirted an eyedropper full of colloidal silver into the rabbit’s mouth and put a few drops in his ear. She says the rabbit was noticeably better the next day.

SF, who is trained as a veterinary assistant loves to collect and care for sick animals, heard of PW’s success. She forthwith took a sample of colloidal silver to experiment on a sick turkey. She squirted 1-2 ml of Colloidal Silver each day into it’s mouth with a syringe. The problem was thought to be some sort of lung infection of about a year’s duration, and a troublesome arthritic condition which had begun to appear a few weeks earlier. SF says the turkey began recovering noticeably within 5 days. A dark discoloration under the turkey’s eyes faded and was replaced with a healthy color.

SB’s breeder rabbit developed a case of diarrhea, a condition complicated by severe winter weather. She was aware of the dangers of dehydration and treated it’s one quart water bottle with 1/2 teaspoon of Colloidal Silver. The next day she noted that the rabbit’s droppings were normal again.

DB’s dog one day showed up injured from a dogfight. He was in pain, lethargic, feverish, and exhibiting apparent symptoms of blood poisoning. There was a half-tennis-ball-sized swelling containing pus on his shoulder, where he’d been bitten. DB says he was fearful his dog would not survive. He decided to try colloidal silver, and if it didn’t work, planned to take "Coontosh" to the vet early the next morning, for the expected $100-$200 worth of tests, treatments, and antibiotics. DB and his children spent the evening cleaning the wound and bathing it from a bowl of warm colloidal silver. In addition, he squirted a bit in the dog’s mouth, since colloidal silver seems to have a profound positive effect on the immune system simply through the ingestion of tiny amounts. One of DB’s concerns was to get the dog to take in enough silver to be effective. He says that while his family was in the process of cleaning up, they looked around, and there was Coontosh happily lapping from and finishing up the bowl of colloidal silver they had used to soak the cotton pads! It was estimated that Coontosh drank as much as a pint of the solution. DB says the swelling was almost gone by the next morning, and the dog was in good spirits with tail wagging, ready to go off into the woods to chase rabbits and squirrels.

Another animal story. SF found her horse one morning troubled with a messy and runny nose infection. She says all she did was add about ½ cup of colloidal silver to his drinking water. The condition had cleared up by the very next morning. As an experienced vet’s assistant, SF says this rapid healing response was quite startling, being superior to the effects of many commercial antibiotics and drugs. She consequently acquired a gallon of colloidal silver to extend her experiments to her other 100-or-so animals.

MM, a horse breeder, had a pregnant brood mare puncture her withers with a metal fence post which struck the backbone. The accident caused a gaping puncture wound and consequently became severely infected. The veterinarian cleaned the bone chips and debris from the wound and began a course of potent antibiotics. But, after nearly three months of daily irrigations and antibiotic treatment, the mare was still lethargic and the wound swollen and draining cups of white pus every day. The owner was ready to ‘put the horse down’, when she heard of Electro-Pure from a Vet. She began to treat the mare with 1/2 cup daily in her feed and irrigated the wound with the Aloe Vera Gel with High Potency colloidal silver. Within days the wound was closing over, drainage reduced to tablespoons and the swelling greatly reduced. She began to behave ‘like a horse’ again according to the owner and ran and kicked like her old self. After a few more weeks she was healing nicely.

 Using Colloidal Silver Responsibly

Our Colloidal Silver stays in suspension and may remain stable for many years. Avoid contamination by chlorinated tap water, salt or other contaminants which may cause the colloid to form compounds which precipitate out of suspension. Electro-Pure TM believes we have produced the finest quality pure Silver Colloid. It is clear and generally a pale yellowish color. We routinely analyze the solution to exacting standards which we know indicates a very fine particle size producing the highest germicidal effectiveness and of a constant 30 Parts Per Million Silver Content.

Although using Colloidal Silver is as safe as wearing silver jewelry, a very rare few individuals nonetheless exhibit an allergic reaction to silver which causes a skin rash around the jewelry. If you are known to be allergic to silver, then use of this product should be avoided. If you experience any unusual side effects while experimenting, you should use your own good judgment before continuing treatment. If severe symptoms of your illness should persist, consult the Healthcare professional of your choice and discontinue use of this product.

Colloidal Silver appears to work astonishingly fast for almost everyone, but a small number of people have noted no effect on the ailment they treated; even though many companies claim Colloidal Silver is a ‘cures-all’, it should be noted that Electro-Pure TM recognizes that some individuals and types of ailments may not respond to treatment. Generally however we find that lack of good results are due to too low a dose at the onset of the illness or discontinuing dosage before the infection is completely eliminated. We welcome your call for more information on a particular illness.

One big plus with using Electro-Pure TM Colloidal Silver is that it does not effect the ‘good bacteria’ of your digestive system and will not kill the Doderean type Acidophilus bacteria essential in preventing yeast infections in women. We have tested many strains of these ‘good bacteria’ and found that these soil born/anaerobic type bacteria are resistant to the silver. Therefore you need not fear the diarrhea and yeast infections usually associated with taking chemical Antibiotics and can continue your program of ‘pro-biotics’ without worry of contradiction.

Although there have been no reports of side effects from experimenting with electro-processed pure Colloidal Silver, we suspect that, if anything, users may be wasting more Colloidal Silver than is really needed. We suggest you use colloidal silver as often as desired for topical application to rashes and skin infections. Continue for several days after the rash has healed to prevent re-infection. Routine maintenance doses for prophylactic purposes may be as little as 3 drops daily. For systemic infections, colds and flu, you might start with a tablespoon at first onset of symptoms then taper off to 1/4 teaspoon to 1/2 teaspoon as the condition lessens. Homeopathic Doctors have found that smaller doses taken several times a day are more effective for sinus and intestinal infections than only a few doses a day as the silver passes quickly from the body. For sinus infections and upper respiratory infections the atomizer bottle or nasal bottle is recommended. Inhale as you spray, two to three pumps per nostril. The atomizer bottle is also suggested for sore throats. Spray 2-3 times daily. See anecdotes for more suggestions of dosage.

We have attempted to educate you, the consumer, with this flyer sheet, but realize this is but a fraction of the knowledge available. We recommend you expand your knowledge of this miraculous substance and research the many references to colloidal silver at your local library. We also feel you should consult a Homeopathic Doctor for recommendations of dosage and treatment with Electro-Pure TM Colloidal Silver; at the same time, we also welcome your calls and keep a list of Homeopathic Doctors that may be of assistance in serving your Alternative Health Care Needs. Electro-PureTM Colloidal Silver welcomes your comments and anecdotes. We sincerely hope you find this wonderful solution as effective as we know it to be. A Research data base on doses and uses for this incredibly versatile product is kept in our office. We would appreciate your jotting down your treatment results and comments, and sending them our way. You may Mail order direct or have us send a gift to a friend or relative worldwide.

Statements made in this material have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, or prevent any disease.