Acne Colloidal Silver Toner

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Electro-Pure, Inc. offers a new product for your all-natural medicine cabinet. This Anti-bacterial, astringent skin product has been proven to effectively clean oily skin and leave a soothing and healing residue that fights the out break of acne for hours after treatment and some have had good results treating Rosacea. It is clear, non-staining and does not interfere with make-up or other medications. This topical product is the result of the collaboration with a Dermatologist and Homeopathic doctors and has been tested for several years now. Formulated from the naturally mild astringent Witch Hazel, anti-infective High Potency Colloidal Silver and extracts of Rosemary to effectively clean and disinfect the skin without harsh irritations. It is fortified with the healing flowers of Organic Calendula, pure inner leaf Organic Aloe Vera with the addition of the healing properties of Colloidal Zinc to complete the balance. This all-natural toner has no side effects and is so much safer than oral doses of antibiotics commonly prescribed for Acne.

General instructions are to wash the face with Electro-Pure, Inc.’s Silver Soap or other mild soap each morning and evening before bed, then blot the face dry with a clean towel. Apply the toner to a cotton pad and wipe the face (or just the trouble spots if you have a mixed zone complexion) and repeat if the pad shows dirt and oil. The toner can be used alone on any blemishes or trouble spots on any part of the body as often as necessary during the day.

Never animal tested yet clinically proven by dermatologists to be a safe and effective treatment for acne blemishes.

Retailing at only $20.00 for a 4 ounce bottle (more than a month’s worth); it is an affordable treatment tool that in many cases is all one needs for a clear healthy complexion

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